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Have you at any point in time ask questions as to what giftrete community is all about?
Worry no more, this piece will give a comprehensive explanation of what Giftrete Community is.

First off, Community is synonymous to a Group; I.e Social media group like,
Facebook group
WhatsApp group
Instagram group etc.

In other words GIFTRETE COMMUNITY literally means a set of people having particular characteristics in common and have agreed to come together as a group to achieving their goals. Whenever you come across the word create a community with giftrete, have it at the back of your mind that you are being asked to create or join a group on the giftrete website. Whereby, you have the opportunity to relate and share with people from anywhere in the globe.
You can join any of the active community available on the website and you can also create one all by yourself. What you need to do is follow the steps on how to create a community, then you can start inviting friends and anyone who is Willing to join.

Most times it is advisable to create or join a community within your region and vicinity. Why a region base community is better off is that, it helps to solve immediate needs. For example, A group is created in London and you are in Nigeria, Some one post some useful items they want to give away. How do you claim these items all the way from Nigeria? Although you can have it if is worth the stress of getting the items down to where you are. Are you able to understand that the benefit of joining a community around you will save you some stress.

The community isn’t about sharing things alone, it’s also about meeting different people of like minds ready and willing to give listening ears and share ideas on how to make the world a better place. Educating one another by putting into practice the green innovation.

Orphanage homes
Widow foundation
Group of friends
Helping hands
We rise by lifting others
Social circle
Whatever you wish to call your community, it all depends on your area of interest and what you are creating the community for.
Spread and share any community you create with us for people to see and join.

Another thing is that, you can join a community on behalf of those who do not have access to the internet. It’s just for you to claim any item someone wants to giveaway and then take it to those in need of it. The glory and blessing comes to you despite the fact that you aren’t the direct giver but because you remember to help someone win. That’s some kindness you know! 😊

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