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Waste and human responsibility

Waste management is a broad research topic,but this article is written to highlight and impact and give an insight of simple ways to manage waste. Waste poses as an unwanted and unusable material or substance. In other words,an act or instance of using something carelessly, extravagantly or to no purpose. Waste is generated in several ways. It’s also a broad topic that it main three categories of waste includes, Hazard Waste, Industrial Waste and Municipal Solid Waste.

Are materials that is rendered useless during manufacturing process in industries, mills, mining operations, construction sites, farms, medical waste like chemicals waste, needles and syringes.

Is commonly referred to as trash, garbage or rubbish. Basically a type of everyday waste discarded by the public. Such as things we use and throw away. Clothing, bottles, plastic, appliances batteries and lot more of roadside litters.

A waste that has potential threat to public health. These waste are waste with properties that make them dangerous and potentially harmful to human or the environment. They can be either Liquids, solids, contained gas. They are Something that decomposes or rust, toxic and poisonous.

In fact, human being consumes more natural resources each year than the earth replenishes now. And the reason human produces more waste is that, the larger the human population gets, the more land we require. More foods to be grown, more houses and this makes more waste to be produced. When Population and consumption rises, landfills grows larger as waste increases.

To manage and reduce waste, the following steps are necessary
1. Think green before shopping
2. Learn to share and donate
3. Know the rules of recycling
5. Learn to repair
6. Meal plan, save leftover for next day
7. Boycott plastic water bottle.
8. Live clean and smart
9. Purchase rechargeable batteries.
Many more about human environmental responsibility. Waste poses as threat to public health and the environment if not stored or disposed properly. Every minute every second there are tons of waste generated from all kinds of substance. Learning the process, discipline, sharing and recycling can help the human race reduce unnecessary waste and its havoc.

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