Hi guys, can i tell you about www.giftrete.com ? A website that manages waste. What do I mean by waste? Household items that are still in good condition, but you do not need anymore. You may be the type that likes upgrading your lifestyle every now and then, changing your taste of various household items doesn’t mean the old ones are bad, but you just wanted something new for a replacement. What then happens to the old ones?
1. Many of us dump them in an empty room and lays fallow in the corners of our apartment
2. Many just throw them away in the trash can
3. Many of us continue stocking up our spaces till we figure out those who are worthy to have them.

Most times such items end up in landfills, probably the rightful ones never came around. Out of frustration and also to get back your space, you end up trashing those useful items to rot in bin. Someone having them is better off trashing. People are in need all around the globe. Most times it doesn’t have to be destitutes, people with low income and no income are involved. Don’t give something that is beyond repair, that isn’t giving. When you hear series of feedbacks and testifies, you’ll be moved to tears.

How do you become a member and user of giftrete? Simply visit www.giftrete.com to register. Once you are done, you can create a whislist of any item you want, you can post pictures of the items you want to give away, you also create a community. What do I mean by community? Our community means creating a group for people.E.g Creating community for your,
a. Region
b. Friends
c. Family
d. Widows
e. Orphanage
f. Universities
g. Churches
h. Multinational companies can also create a community with us to reach multitudes
i. Your current neighborhood etc.
When u join or create a community, it helps to solve urgent and immediate need. You only join or create a community based on your interest.

In a nutshell, giftrete is a sustainability website with a mission to alleviate poverty, environmental degradation, promoting good health and love. Every transaction is free! No charges applies. Whatever your situation is, you just need to have an understanding of the law of give and take. It comes back to you!