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Things that happens

My uncle got caught in a horrible car accident: he was ran over by a van. He broke every single bone in his body! He looked like a big rag doll in bed, not like a person. His wife and children turned away from him in horror. And only my mom, my dear mom, saved him. She stayed in the hospital with him for months, and then took care of him at our place. Bedpans, spoon-feeding…She did not have any time for herself al all. I helped her as best I could. And now a year later my uncle is walking, although with a cane. But he walks by himself! I admire my mom so much! Now, I’m saving money for her to go on holiday. Kindness should always pay off!
One morning, my four-year-old son came into the bedroom room. He kept pulling up his falling down trousers and said, “Mom, I have bad news for you: I lost weight.” I nearly had heart failure – why on Earth was he losing weight at his age?! That can’t be right! Thankfully, it turned out that the elastic in his pants had torn.
There are eight children in our family: my seven older brothers, and me – the youngest. I always thought that I was the special one: my parents never not lose hope of having a girl — and here I am. But recently I found out from the neighbours that I was adopted when I was two. I cried all day, and then suddenly it dawned on me: all my life it never crossed my mind that I might not be related to them! My parents never deprived me of anything; on the contrary, I thought they loved me more than their other children. And my brothers, even in the heat of a really bad argument, never even hinted at it. I learnt the truth and now love my real family more than ever. You can also share with us your stories for publishing.

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