The world we live in today is under serious threat by the very unpredictable forces of nature 🙁 HURRICANE, VOLCANO, FLOOD, EARTHQUAKE ) and this has left grave consequences in the lives of many humans world over; with many rendered homeless, impoverished, displaced and in most cases loss of lives!Another threat to today’s world is one that is very unfortunately Man made; WAR. This has undoubtedly had an adverse effect in the lives of many families in these regions that have been hit by war, currently experiencing war or at the very verge of war.People in these regions affected by Natural/ Manmade disasters are in serious NEED of “material” supplies.

The GIFTRETE community has therefore created a channel through which people with such NEEDS world over can be catered for.However, we cannot do it all alone, we need you to join this community either as a DONOR or BENEFICIARY.How does this work? Giftrete provides a platform for reducing waste, we achieve this by receiving your unwanted products and turn them to reusable products by giving them to people who NEED them.All you need do to become a donor is to register with us at,get a verified user login and post your free products. For beneficiaries, also register and get a verified user login, create your wish list and even take it a step further by creating your own community… Join today so you too can meet people’s NEEDS and also help keep the earth green and safer.