It all happened on a very cold morning,a little boy was standing in front of a shoe store barefooted and was shivering in the cold weather.While he was peeping through the shoe store window, a rich lady stepped out of the store and saw the kid while she was approaching her car. she was startled and took few steps to the boy.

“Kid,why are you looking at the window in such manner she muttered”, the little boy said “i don’t have any shoes and i am praying to God to give me one” After listening to the boy, the lady took him inside the shoe store and asked the clerk if she could get her a towel and a bowl of water.

The rich lady removed her gloves and knelt before the little man to clean his dirty legs,wore him a new socks and a shoe.Then she got more socks and shoes for him to take home alongside. she asked “kid, are you comfortable now?”

As she was leaving, the little boy held her hand and look up to her with tears in his eyes and said “Are you GOD’s wife? The kid’s response was quiet funny but do you know how surprised he was! The kind gesture the rich lady showed him will never depart from him as he grow into adulthood and will aid him becoming a giver,help to the needy,without hesitating.