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In a small city called Shepherd Lake, Craig and Bill were on their heels running from the cops to avoid been caught. Bill got shot and died on the spot. Craig couldn’t wait to help his friend he had to escape, which he did. “No, this isn’t happening, Bill’s gone!!!”
Craig cried out with grief. He opened the sack he was carrying and took a long stare at the jewelry they stole at the jeweler’s store.

Craig had been a shoplifter ever since he became an adult. He didn’t care how risky it was for him to strike; all he’s ever wanted was to steal without mercy. Craig moved to Valley which happened to be smaller a community as a hideout. He became more notorious and robbed many houses and stores to sustain himself. The 30 year old, found an abandoned apartment in a very deserted place where no one dares to go.

Craig’s next target was the grocery store he stumbled into earlier that day. He never misses his shot; he goes for whatever he wanted not even a terrible weather could stop him. As he broke into the grocery store, his sack was at his back as he filled it up with various groceries. On the night of the grocery store robbery while He was heading to his deserted home; he heard a faint noise from a small house along his path and the next thing on his mind was to break into the house to steal from them. As he broke into the house, he was shocked at what he saw. It was a poverty stricken family of 4; who were trying to feed on two slices of bread. Craig was moved to tears and he offered them his sack and told them they can have everything in it. As he was stepping away, the family stopped him knowing that he was a thief and they told him he was a GOOD THIEF. They said no one has ever stopped by to show them such manner of kindness.

Miller is a man of integrity,despite his shortcomings he wouldn’t encourage stealing which is one of the foundation he laid in his home. In a polite manner, Miller advised that Craig endeavors to return the goods back in the store which got his family and Craig shocked. Then his wife cried, “how could you get all these on a platter of gold and you want them returned? knowing how hungry we are!!” Craig watched quietly and moved closer to pick up the sack,he brought out some vegetables and beverages. Feed on these while i return the rest to the store if lucky Craig muttered. Fortunately he was lucky to return them quickly and didn’t even forget to drop some money at the store for the vegetables and beverages.

Craig found a family and became a better person. Miller’s courage motivated him,he initiated an idea to pick up a caregiver job, they took the job and their lives changed. Craig was a thief though, and no one would want to be seen around him, but this thief just did an uncommon thing most people won’t dare doing. It could be said that he got all those items free, it was easy for him to give it up. Thieves are greedy in nature they aren’t contented and show no remorseful feelings. But there are people who are not thieves but very greedy in nature even if they have access to free things they won’t let go of it. But in Craig’s case, he was stricken by their agony.

Human feeling is natural; it comes from within without it being forced. Open your heart and be willing to help someone. Craig’s gesture of giving inspired them all and changed their lives for good! The act of giving can go a long way.

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