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Our watchword and one of the common slogans we emphasise on at GIFTRETE is the “3Rs” Recycling, Reduction of waste and Reuse. We always encourage people to embrace this practice.Recycling Reduces waste when you Reuse.

Although we cannot stop waste production entirely but everyone can make a significant contribution to reduce waste. When you know what could cause waste, avoid the waste and manage it. It can be comforting to know one needs to think before trashing items. That item could mean a lot if given out.

Recycling saves energy, reduces various pollutions, and it saves natural resources.
Overall, it reduces the need for landfill. The economic value it adds also improves as it circulates within the masses. Our health and environment also benefit from it.

Endeavour to apply a system or technique on how to manage your solid waste to allow for continual reuse. This offers environment friendly alternatives to deal with growing generation of wastes and its related impact on human health, economy and natural ecosystem.

The 3Rs of Solid Waste Management is vast information and it involves different procedures to be done appropriately. However, companies like us, can provide the right services for you regarding solid waste disposal, and other types of wastes as well. If you need any house hold items, do not hesitate, use our online services.

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