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My name is Stanley a resident of Benin city, Edo state in Nigeria..
During covid-19 lockdown in Nigeria,the government promised to give us palliatives but it failed to go round. To my utmost surprise, as i was on my way home, a lady stopped me and said she’s a staff at that they are currently giving out palliatives to assist Nigerians in this covid-19 lock down era. I really appreciate this from the bottom of my heart as i was shocked when she handed over to me a relief package from giftrete. 😃😃

I am Odion Osawe, i live in Benin city Nigeria. I lost my job during the pandemic of Corona virus. Things became very difficult the week i lost my job. My younger brother lives and depend on me for feeding. I heard about giftrete on face book that they encourage giving. When i checked the site i found out that there is a community created on the website to feed Nigerians during the covid19 lockdown. I joined the community and requested for food item. I got my palliative that same day. God bless the initiator of this project.

I want to appreciate giftrete for what they have done for my family. My name is Samson, my mother sells corn and i assist her, no sales recently but we have just been managing to survive. One a day car parked infront of us, thinking the person want to buy corn. The man and lady came out from the car and handed over to us box of Noddles saying its from giftrete. I was surprised because i haven’t heard of giftrete before. That night was good as we fed on expensive noodles not corn😂. Since then i have been an active member on
To see if anyone has something to give so i can claim it😋 I’m in 100 level, Currently studying Business administration

I am Susan maduko from Rivers. My husband was a banker, he was sacked in 2019 and my Kerosene business is not moving as i don’t have enough money to establish properly. I am so excited to find out about giftrete when they came to my area to share palliatives. I’m glad to be among the beneficiaries and ever since then, i have become a giftrete member. This platform is real guys! My husband was happy when he saw the gift from giftrete. He is also a member now too.

It was like winning a jackpot when a worker from giftrete approached me with a bag containing food. I didn’t even bother to open it,i was just screaming thank you Jesus, you heard my prayers. Giftrete may you never lack and may your company continue to grow and prosper….Dalu

My name is Sunday, my experience with giftrete has been interesting. I saw a post on the website that somebody wants to give out a big mattress for free, I requested for it without looking at the location. I later found out the person posted it from Nigeria and I’m in heathrow UK. I will advice you check if you are in the same location with any member that post free item before requesting for it. philip, cheers!

I joined giftrete through my mum, she is just a common orange seller with no educational background. She said to me when i got back from my place of work that a company came to her orange shed to give her palliative. She showed me giftrete branded bag. I got the contact and I started following. I write this today on behalf of my mum, she wants me to say thank you to the company she also sent her blessing.

My name is ifeanyi from Nigeria, i want to appreciate this company for their kind gesture and for bringing up such a nice idea like what the website is all about. Keep soaring high and i want you to know even the sky is not your limit o hahahahaha. If every prominent people can use this platform to spread kindness and touch lives both financially, materially, educationally, intellectually it will go a long way. 3🙌 gbosa for giftrete!

All i just want to say is that giftrete should continue to do what they are doing. I am happy to be a user of this wonderful website. Although i did not benefit from the recent palliative you people shared o, but i know there are more things to benefit from on the site. 💪I like this idea keep it up. My name is kazeem but people call me king of boys. I’m a Nigerian

In this kind of situation, for a company like giftrete to remember us in Nigeria at this covid19 season is something great. The palliative i received from this company came at the right time. There is hunger everywhere, pls save us o. God will bless your purse. My name is Akin,from lagos state, Nigeria.

There was a time i gave out a desk and lamp here. It was really emotional for me when i got a request mail ftom a lady. It was a cool grab for her and i was excited i met her needs at the right time. I’m Philip a resident of hull united kingdom. I hope to give more sometime soon🗣🗣

Hello there, i am Evelyn i want to share an experience i had with a member on giftrete. She posted a free dishwasher unfortunately someone else requested for it before me. She sent me mail that someone else got it but she got a free vacuum cleaner to give if i care to have it🤷 So nice of you sophie. Birmingham

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    Thanks to Bro Deji and the giftrete team for helping lives.
    Thanks a million.

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