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According to Davis and Rarich {1967} the aim of any research study is to specify the characteristics, abilities, behavior or opinion of the subject. The purpose and actual aim of Takers Reactions research work is to find out facts using simple survey techniques to compile and analyze data to figure out the effects of gifting. The target population of this research comprised of general public involving both male and female respondents with the aid of a questionnaire conducted as an interview with series of questioning to collate data on respondents attitude towards gifting.


Male                20                        40%

Female            30                        60%

Total                50                        100%

This table observes that in total of 100%, 60% of female values gifting than male which is 40%. Generally, it is widely accepted that due to the feminine nature of women, gifting means a whole lot to them. There are lots of concentration and willingness to wanting to gift a woman based on so many reasons. It is believed that the most impressive and best way to reach a woman is to shower her with gifts. Besides, everyone loves to receive gifts but women have a peculiar approach towards gifting.

In the course of this research, respondents made it clear that most people love surprises rather than asking, even if the item ends up to be a wrong gift at that point in time. This surprise is also synonymous to you creating a wish list and sharing it amongst friends, family even communities and anyone can take you by surprise. We got feed backs from supposed takers on how they feel when given a wrong gift and what they would do with it.

Casmir {Norway} – “in my opinion,no one loves wrong gifts, we only pretend it’s cool just to encourage and make the giver feel good in case of next time. As for me I really don’t keep wrong gifts safe ☺☺🙃”.

Mumeen [United Kingdom] – “To me, a gift means making people happy in ones little way. A service rendered without charges. In fact anything that brings smile on my face. So, if given a wrong gift, I’ll appreciate it but will equally give it out to someone that needs it more”.

Emmanuel [Kenya] –“Wrong gift might be useful later, so I’ll keep it and use when in need of it 🙈🙉😀”.

Jersey [South Africa] – “If I don’t like the gift I will give it to someone else”.

Dee [Nigeria]- “There’s nothing like a wrong gift to me as long as it can serve someone somewhere better, when i give it out 😍”.

Those are few out of many opinions we gathered from respondents during the survey. Majority of the respondents wanted to give out useful item they wouldn’t need anymore,only minority wants to keep them because it might be useful in the long run. There was also a question concerning who should benefit free gifts the most. Everyone deserves and have the right to be gifted with lovely gifts. Some don’t see the need of  giving someone who is living well a gift all because it is believed that he/she could afford more which means such gift should only be for the less privilege. The truth is everyone deserves to be treated right, what if you were assuming the person was living right?No matter the level of one’s income, be it low, average or high every mankind deserves affection and parcels of appreciation. Although, the less privilege should be put into consideration they need to be encouraged.  Respondents analyzed that gift is something given voluntarily without expecting something in return. It’s a gesture of assistance to make one another feel loved.With this, it is clear that every mankind knows the genuine meaning of gifting and a show of kindness it brings. To everyone reading this article, one thing to be sure of is that gifting is not all about the gift itself but the inner joy it gives. It’s always better to show appreciation when given a gift, even if it happened to be a gift you do not need. Take note that, no gifts are wrong if it reaches the rightful taker! Give it, don’t bin it! Sign up with today to find out more about gifting and how we help transform lives.

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