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There is a natural law of sowing and reaping. If you have ever planted a seed in an ideal situation, and watched it grow or blossom into a plant, you will find the plant growth starts from sowing a seed. A seed cannot grow if it is not planted! Giving started from nature and it is worth emulating.If nature had not given itself to us how would we earn a natural living let alone having access to the nature?

Giving is an act of Charity and could be said as a means of transferring what’s in one possession to someone. You don’t have to be religious to practice sowing or giving. People who applied this principle to their daily lives got positive result. In some parts of the world, people give to get something back, for others, they are happy to give whether they get something back or not. Whatever the rational for giving by anyone, it is good to encourage the giver to continue and a non-giver to start to give.

Giving is the act of reaching out, letting go of money or material things with a glad and generous heart does a lot within the mind of a giver. It helps destroy greed and allows generosity to grow. Sometimes, people tend to be stingy because they feel they have little and cannot afford to share out of it. It’s good to bear in mind that others might not have half as much of the little you have. So, it’s ok to share, no matter how little.
Reach out to someone today, be kind and show that you care. Be a gentle presence in the lives of anyone you are trying to reach out to. There are people near and far who will benefit directly or indirectly from your giving. When you give, your giving is not for nothing, it goes back to the society, contributing to an assurance of a better life.

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