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Strange and beautiful things happen to each of us every day, and sometimes you just cannot keep silent about them. This is what inspired the blog where people interact and can share their stories.

‘A very elderly man with a large packet in his hands always comes by our apartment block every morning’ she says. The whole courtyard comes alive when he shows up; all the local cats and their kittens run up to him from all directions, purring and rubbing his legs. He tries to give some of his attention to each one of the animals, petting them, talking to them. Then he goes to their bowls scattered underneath the nearby trees, cleans them, ladles out some pet food from his packet, and pours some milk and fresh water. And then the whole crowd of cats scampers over to have breakfast. His wife, who prepares the food, keeps watching him all the time from the window. Both of them are in their seventies, and they set aside part of their pensions every month for cat food and other treats for the cats. He comes to feed them every day, rain or shine. Whenever I see him, I want to thank him with all my heart, because he does not just help all the stray pets, but he has also changed the way our neighbours treat them, too. Many were inspired to start feeding them as well, some are even trying to find homes for them. There is kindness in this world!
I was walking my dog, and I passed by a bench where a girl was sitting talking on her phone, crying silent tears. And she was saying in a flat voice that everything was OK, that she would not miss him, that she did not love him either. She hung up and started sobbing. And in my mind I saw everything that I had been through: how I had been sitting just like her, choking back tears, how I didn’t feel like living anymore – because what’s the point of living without your beloved? I sat next to her quietly, pulled my dog closer on its lead. She petted him for a very long time, then thanked me and left. I hope she’s fine!
Not long ago I was sitting on the porch with my husband, my mother and my daughter when I saw a horse with a cart running down the hill at full speed. And in the cart there was a girl crying and calling for help. And all of a sudden I was trying to seize the reins without even knowing how I got there, and then I ended up between the feet of the animal. In moments like that, you don’t even think about whether you’re in danger or not – you just know that you have to help. I scraped my knees badly. I got up, trying to run after the horse, and then I understood that I could not catch up with it. My husband and I jumped in our car and rushed after them. My husband blocked the horse’s way a little bit, and I seized those damned reins. We grabbed the child, calmed her down. And we didn’t know who the girl was or who her parents were. So we turned the horse back, left the car and went around the village asking the locals whose child it was. Eventually, we found her mother and her grandfather. The grandfather had scraped his knees badly just like me, after he had also tried to catch up with the horse. It turned out that the horse had been scared by a tractor and dashed off. And then my husband started laughing at me, saying that there were burning wooden houses in the village waiting for me to put them out!
I was ten years old when I tried to start earning money. I made knitted napkins and sewed oven gloves. Then I gave them to the art centre to sell. And when they sold them they gave me a few coins. I was awfully proud! And only in my thirties did I learn that it was my granny who had gone there every time and bought all my handmade napkins. She still uses them today. Aw 🤗 i hope you smiled reading this.

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