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Giftrete is a sustainability website specialized in reducing household waste with over 200,000 registered users worldwide. Individuals, councils, corporations, agencies and charities benefit of our features to achieve sustainable and measurable waste reduction.

Products Features


This product helps in reusing items with the aim to help the needy, alleviate poverty and halt environmental degradation. ReteCycle simply indicates reusing valuable waste! This product allows users to post whatever free valuable items lying fallow as waste which can be reused by recipients who are willing to have them. The system is about give and take to help the environment.


Giftrete users can create wishlists for their special occasion. It lists out the gift items you anticipate to receive for your various occasions. You can decide to share your wishlist among friends and family via your social media accounts to give a clue of what gift you are expecting. Giftrete also allows you to create a wishlist on behalf of friends which can be shared amongst communities.

Join or Create Community

Users create communities to allow them to share reduce waste by sharing new and used gift items within the community. A user to create and serve as an owner of the group, then sends emails to invite new users within a community to join as members and administrators.