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Talking about clothes, they are also known as apparel, attire or even garment. These are human essentials worn to obey the law of decency and keeping oneself protected from the weather. Do we say clothe is a need or want?
On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the utmost essential level is food, clothing and shelter. Eg, i need a lumber jack but i want the hand made type. A simple narrative between want and need for clothing.

What ever comes to mind your mind at the mention of clothes sharing? It can be classified in various categories. Clothes sharing is the latest trend which birthed several fashion platform for men and women, instead of purchasing new apparel , costumes or any fashion statement ornament at ever urge. A lot of persons embraced this trend to keep up with the ever evolving fashion cycle. Another significant thing the Clothes sharing platform does is helping individuals reduce the risk of getting identical on arrival at events.

This is a suitable platform, especially for women whose wardrobe wants are unlimited. They keep buying and most times they never get to put on this outfit. Another significant role this platform portray is offering new channels to reduce waste. There are so many angles to Clothes sharing, if parting ways with old outfit that no longer fit but are in good condition isn’t your thing, please you have to cultivate such habit, it doesn’t only keep your closet organized and clean, instead it makes you feel good because you are doing something for a worthy cause. Something like doing away with littering items and helping others at the same time. This is healthy for the environment as landfills will be free of useful items turned unwanted items. All because the owner doesn’t know how to share.🌍🌐

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