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Gilgamesh is the world’s first action hero, playing up to all the stereotypes of masculinity – even though his story was first written somewhere in the region of 4,000 years ago. Long before it was rediscovered in 1853, and translated to English in 1870, the story had been possibly the most important and influential ever

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Green symbolizes the color of nature; it denotes several meaning which is narrowed to positivism. The shade of green is associated with fertility, growth, energy, freshness, safety and harmony. Traditionally, it is also associated with finances, cultivation and agriculture. This beautiful color represents tranquility, good luck and health. To crown it all, green is a

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According to Davis and Rarich {1967} the aim of any research study is to specify the characteristics, abilities, behavior or opinion of the subject. The purpose and actual aim of Takers Reactions research work is to find out facts using simple survey techniques to compile and analyze data to figure out the effects of gifting.

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