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Things that happens

My uncle got caught in a horrible car accident: he was ran over by a van. He broke every single bone in his body! He looked like a big rag doll in bed, not like a person. His wife and children turned away from him in horror. And only my mom, my dear mom, saved

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Strange and beautiful things happen to each of us every day, and sometimes you just cannot keep silent about them. This is what inspired the blog where people interact and can share their stories. 'A very elderly man with a large packet in his hands always comes by our apartment block every morning' she says.

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We live in a beautiful world, Look around you, it is amazing: skyscrapers, gravity, daisies, peaches, archipelagos, children, languages, music, wars, phosphorous, galaxies, snow, literature, human existence. We live in such a breathtaking environment that is full of magic and wonder. Although we can feel intense sadness, profound happiness can be just around the corner.

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Wash hands often with soap and water. If not available, use hand sanitizer. #Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands #Practice social distancing #Avoid contact with people who are sick #Stay home while you are sick and avoid close contact with others #Cover your mouth/nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing

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