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Planet Earth

Welcome to Planet Earth Museum, a museum where you can learn some interesting facts about the world we live in. There are many amazing places on Earth. Who knows, maybe you’ll see them all one day! Let's give an insight to what the forest on planet earth stands for. Forests are home to over half

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Lokolama Forest

''We are protectors of the forest, we are ecologists in your modern language. We don't need a GPS to navigate our forest. The forest is our market, we know what is good to eat and what isn't. We do not have all the means of modern healthcare. Our forest is our pharmacy. '' ~ Valentine

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Have you at any point in time ask questions as to what giftrete community is all about? Worry no more, this piece will give a comprehensive explanation of what Giftrete Community is. First off, Community is synonymous to a Group; I.e Social media group like, Facebook group WhatsApp group Instagram group etc. In other words

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