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Poverty alleviation,is a set of measures,both economic and humanitarian, that are intended to permanently lift people out of abject poverty. Poverty has been historically accepted in some parts of the world as inevitable as non industrialized economies produced very little, while populations grew almost as fast, making wealth scarce. Geoffrey Parker. Poverty alleviation also involves

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Talking about clothes, they are also known as apparel, attire or even garment. These are human essentials worn to obey the law of decency and keeping oneself protected from the weather. Do we say clothe is a need or want? On Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the utmost essential level is food, clothing and shelter. Eg,

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He became Immortal through giving

There was a rich man in Changzhou County formarly called Suzhou Province. His name was Long Heng. He was born with a very kind heart and always gives to other people. Long Heng opened a pawnshop, and due to his sense of fairness and justice, his business was very prosperous. One day, Long Heng heard

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Somewhere in Benin Nigeria, during our Covid-19 community development project at giftrete from diaspora,to support some localities in Nigeria. We met this young boy and his mum. The little boy was overwhelmed with his gift💞💞 We love the fact that they were glad. Kindly be of help to the needy anywhere anyday anytime with giftrete.

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