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One of the keys to prosperity in life is to develop a habit and spirit of giving. When we give, it opens doors to unexpected blessings and breakthroughs either small or big. Shortly before the Covid-19 lockdown, i attended a church programme on a Monday. During the service, i prayed and dropped my offering cheerfully. As i was on my way out of the church, an elderly woman walked up to me for alms in the midst of a large crowd. I turned her down politely because i had already dropped all i had on me in church.

As i turned to walk away, i sensed an uncontrollable nudge of the holy spirit to give her something. My question was how?! I had nothing on me! My heart was moved to do something quickly and that was what happened to me. God will always make a way when your heart is ready to do His will in unexpected ways.

Then i remembered a tuck shop that i usually buy drinks from, my favourite spot in the church premises. I approached the lady at the shop and requested her to lend me a token that i needed to use it; and she gave me two hundred naira (200). I was so happy and started looking for the old woman, she had already walked some distance so i had to run to her, calling Mama! Mama! She quickly walked back to me, i gave her the money, she prayed for me and left.

The following day was a Tuesday, i was at home when a call came through early in the morning. It was a contract offer that gave me a profit of almost two hundred thousand naira. How convenient!! I gave on Monday and God showed up on Tuesday.😱😀

Our blessing from giving might not come back in form of money sometimes, it might be in form of protection, promotion or healing. The timing might be immediate or longer as well. Let us give cheerfully when we have a means to. It pays to give!

Written by Bunmi Bolaji💜

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