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In a small city called Shepherd Lake, Craig and Bill were on their heels running from the cops to avoid been caught. Bill got shot and died on the spot. Craig couldn’t wait to help his friend he had to escape, which he did. “No, this isn’t happening, Bill’s gone!!!” Craig cried out with grief.

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There is a natural law of sowing and reaping. If you have ever planted a seed in an ideal situation, and watched it grow or blossom into a plant, you will find the plant growth starts from sowing a seed. A seed cannot grow if it is not planted! Giving started from nature and it

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Our watchword and one of the common slogans we emphasise on at GIFTRETE is the “3Rs” Recycling, Reduction of waste and Reuse. We always encourage people to embrace this practice.Recycling Reduces waste when you Reuse. Although we cannot stop waste production entirely but everyone can make a significant contribution to reduce waste. When you know

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  The world we live in today is under serious threat by the very unpredictable forces of nature :( HURRICANE, VOLCANO, FLOOD, EARTHQUAKE ) and this has left grave consequences in the lives of many humans world over; with many rendered homeless, impoverished, displaced and in most cases loss of lives!Another threat to today's world

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  It all happened on a very cold morning,a little boy was standing in front of a shoe store barefooted and was shivering in the cold weather.While he was peeping through the shoe store window, a rich lady stepped out of the store and saw the kid while she was approaching her car. she was

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