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According to Davis and Rarich {1967} the aim of any research study is to specify the characteristics, abilities, behavior or opinion of the subject. The purpose and actual aim of Takers Reactions research work is to find out facts using simple survey techniques to compile and analyze data to figure out the effects of gifting.

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In loving memory of a young hero, Deyaan Udani a seven year old boy who saved generations. Deyaan was on vacation to Mumbai all the way from Sydney with his family. There on vacation, the little boy complained of a severe headache while on their way to catch a flight back to Mumbai. He was

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Many years ago in the early days, a man named Robin was travelling through the thickest mountains. He had traveled several mileage and needed to have some rest. Whilst contemplating where he could lay his head for some days before proceeding, he saw a small cave in between the rocks belonging to the very distant

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Rosa sat on a piece of a half broken stool looking directly into the old mirror hung on the wall as she was deeply lost in her thoughts. The widow had missed her husband who died many years ago of a strange disease. Chester was a very handsome man; he was also an intelligent and

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In a small city called Shepherd Lake, Craig and Bill were on their heels running from the cops to avoid been caught. Bill got shot and died on the spot. Craig couldn’t wait to help his friend he had to escape, which he did. “No, this isn’t happening, Bill’s gone!!!” Craig cried out with grief.

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