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In loving memory of a young hero, Deyaan Udani a seven year old boy who saved generations. Deyaan was on vacation to Mumbai all the way from Sydney with his family. There on vacation, the little boy complained of a severe headache while on their way to catch a flight back to Mumbai. He was admitted in Navatti hospital for treatments but the ache got worse and was later transferred to Hinduja hospital where he was diagnosed with severe blood clot in his brain. Deyaan was declared brain dead; he underwent surgery but did not recover as he breathed his last in the process. Deyaan and his nine year old sister Naisha went to Quakers Hill public school in Sydney where they learnt a topic concerning Organ Donation and how to become a donor. Both children went home to discuss what they learnt in school with their mother. At that time, Deyaan categorically told his mum that when he grows up, he’d like to be an organ donor. His mother just passed it off as an emotional response of a young child who is innocent and pure at heart. But things unfolded in such a way that the family was left in utter shock; having lost their dearest child in a matter of days. The grieving parent kept their poise and remembered Deyaan’s whish and how he had discussed to donate his organs if he’s able. It was really a difficult step they could not imagine ripping apart his organs; they had wanted to bury his little body in peace not in pieces.

Though in shock, the family chose to donate his organs to save lives of four people including a young girl who was waiting for a heart transplant. A Goregaon girl; suffering from end stage of heart failure. The Udani family couldn’t bear their loss, but the gift of life the recipients had through their son gave them comfort. Deyaan was full of life and a happy boy with a heart of gold; he always showed empathy to others during his life. On hearing the life giving tale of this young hero, the people of Mumbai were galvanized to wanting to become a donor if opportune. The mother of the young girl who received Deeyan’s heart was in tears saying, they were very grateful for making such a courageous decision and offer a chance to those who were critically ill at a time they were going through their own personal loss. She said “Deyaan came into our lives and gave us the best gift ever”.

This is an overwhelming and emotional story of a young boy and his family. There’s nothing as sweet as seeing your little one grow, learning their first step,speech and many more! The joy of this parenthood was cut short suddenly in the Udani family. Despite their pain and grieve, they had the understanding of what such help will bring about and they were courageous enough to take a huge decision under an hour they’d lost their son just to give life to others. We may not have met Deyaan and his family, but we have met with their affection on reading this story. We wish the poor boy lived but we are thankful for the life he’d saved. Rest on Deyaan Udani, though you are gone but alive in our hearts. To our lovely readers,this is just to let you know giving is not all about material things but everything within your reach to save urgent situations. Please leave your comments here.

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